Our Mission & Vision


At MUKHERJEE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY(MMC) Centre, we provide a superior learning and knowledge sharing environment to our diverse communities. Inspiring students and participants to achieve over and beyond their competence and potential level through offering high standard qualityof education and training.
The Centre is committed to provide excellent teachingsupport , lifelong learning facility and career guidance, partnership building and economic development of the society in a greater extent.


• Helping and guiding individuals to identify and achieve their development, growth and career objectives in focused manner .
• Creating the highest possible standards of quality and service, aiming at cultivating professional competence and providing effective business and individual solutions.
• Maintaining a customized organization with a strong paternalistic &partnering culture.
• Adopting modern trainingtricks and methodology which emphasize trainees’ active participation and translates them part of the training process in a sound & vibrant mind set .
• Recruiting highly qualified , certified, experienced faculty members and trainers , professional consultants and evaluating them against possible criteria of knowledge , competencies and behaviors.
• Reacting to any training requirements with speed and efficiency by maintaining quality pool of resources, and selectively recruiting staff with the best qualifications, experience and interaction with trainees and the market needs.
• Growing a balanced portfolio of business.